Slow Travel

Traveling slowly is not just a choice but also a lifestyle, and in our boutique B&B, located in the heart of Martano in Salento, we offer you just that.

Strategic Position in Salento

Staying with us for more than one night, ideally a minimum of 3 days or a week, allows you to truly uncover the essence of Salento. Our position is strategically placed for exploring both the Adriatic and Ionian coasts, historic villages, and art cities.

Centrality in Martano

Being located in the heart of Martano, you have access to all essential services and can immerse yourself in authentic local culture within walking distance.

Spacious and Comfortable Suites

Our spacious and comfortable suites serve as your personal sanctuary where you can rest and recharge. This becomes invaluable when you spend more time in one place, allowing for a truly relaxing holiday.

Cons of “Touch and Go” Tourism

“Touch and Go” tourism is stressful and shallow. Moving quickly from one place to another limits the depth of the travel experience. There’s no time to absorb the culture, history, and local traditions, which are the heart of any destination.


We therefore invite our guests to live the philosophy of slow travel, to take the time to discover, learn, and grow during their stay in our exclusive B&B.

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