Colazione B&B Salento Puglia


Colazione B&B Salento Puglia

Martano: A City of Pastry Heritage

Nestled in Salento’s heart, Martano boasts a rich patisserie legacy that reaches beyond its borders. Just picture it: waking up to the tempting scent of freshly-baked pastries drifting through the city’s historic centre. These aromas recall recipes passed down meticulously through generations. Over time, these recipes have transformed into a culinary legacy, earning the pastry chefs of Martano widespread admiration.

Palazzo Terra d’Otranto: A Taste of Authenticity

At Palazzo Terra d’Otranto, we dedicate ourselves to highlighting the best of our regional flavors. We aim to offer our guests an unforgettable taste of the local palette. The joy of savouring local pastries for breakfast is incomparable. No pre-packaged goods can match this experience. We take immense pride in introducing these treats to our guests. Hence, adhering to health and safety guidelines, we offer top-quality breakfasts from the finest local patisseries and cafes—all within a short walk from us.

The Charm of Local Breakfasts

B&Bs that serve breakfast from artisanal patisseries exude a unique charm. They forge an authentic bond between guests and the local culture. You’re not merely tasting pastries; you’re diving into a venerable tradition. And what’s a better way to acknowledge the expertise of the city’s famed pastry chefs than by tasting their creations firsthand?

Your Breakfast Experience in Martano

Stroll along picturesque lanes to the historic city centre’s heart. Here, a leisurely breakfast experience beckons. Surrounded by the serenity of town squares and historic landmarks, you dictate your breakfast style—whether indoors, al fresco, early, or late. Just show our daily coupon, and dive into your breakfast.

Comfort and Modernity at Palazzo Terra d’Otranto

Back at Palazzo Terra d’Otranto, modern amenities enhance your suite’s comfort. Whether it’s the coffee machine that readies your morning brew, a kettle for evening tea, or a complimentary minibar brimming with your chosen delights, we’ve anticipated your needs for maximum enjoyment.

Our Promise to You

From celebrating Martano’s pastry heritage to our unwavering dedication to authenticity and quality, we promise a fully immersive experience. An experience that, every day, starts one pastry at a time.

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