Salento Secret World Underground Lecce: Unveiling the Hidden Treasures 🗝️🏰

Secret Lecce

Are you intrigued by the mysteries that lie beneath the surface?

Imagine walking through the ancient streets of Lecce, Italy, and stumbling upon a hidden world that dates back to the Templars.

Uncover the secret Salento that has been waiting for centuries to be explored.

Keep reading to delve into the underground wonders of Lecce, a city that holds more secrets than you could ever imagine.

The Mysterious Museo Faggiano

What started as a plumbing issue turned into an archaeological discovery!

Luciano Faggiano wanted to open a restaurant but ended up discovering a hidden world beneath his property.

Imagine owning a house that turns into a museum overnight!

Museo Faggiano is a must-visit to experience the secret Salento firsthand.

The Accidental Discovery of Secret Lecce 🏠

Luciano Faggiano had a simple plan: to open a trattoria in his property located in the historic center of Lecce. However, a plumbing issue led him to dig into the ground, and what he found was nothing short of extraordinary. The search for a “blessed sewer pipe” led him to discover a tomb, a granary, and eventually, the secret Salento that had been hidden for centuries.

The Seven-Year Journey of Excavation ⛏️

Luciano and his sons embarked on a seven-year journey of excavation. Working from morning to night, they discovered a myriad of artifacts and structures. The work was so significant that the Superintendency of Archaeology intervened, leading to the transformation of the house into a museum. Luciano’s initial dream of opening a trattoria was replaced by a newfound passion for archaeology,

The Templar Connection: A Secret Salento Revelation 🛡️

One of the most intriguing aspects of Museo Faggiano is its connection to the Templars. The museum is home to various Templar symbols, including the Eye of Providence and the Temple of Solomon. These symbols are not just decorative; they are historical markers that indicate the passage of the Templars in the region. This adds another layer to the secret Salento that Museo Faggiano reveals.

The Underground Tunnels: Escape Routes and Cisterns 🕳️

The museum also features underground tunnels that served multiple purposes over the years. Initially, these tunnels were used as escape routes during invasions. Later, they were transformed into cisterns for water storage. These tunnels are a testament to the strategic importance of Lecce and another fascinating aspect of the secret Salento.

The Drying Room and the Terracotta Dome: Macabre and Marvelous 🏺

Among the many rooms in Museo Faggiano, two stand out: the drying room used for desiccating human bodies and a unique terracotta dome made of inverted pots. The drying room adds a macabre touch to the museum, while the terracotta dome is a marvel of ancient engineering. Both contribute to the rich tapestry of secret Salento that the museum unveils.

Museo Faggiano is not just a museum; it’s a gateway to a hidden world that has been waiting to be explored. From its accidental discovery to its Templar connections, it offers a unique journey into the secret Salento that lies beneath Lecce.

You’ve just explored the secret Salento that lies beneath the streets of Lecce.

From hidden tunnels to Templar symbols, this underground world is a treasure trove of history and mystery.

Imagine being one of the few to uncover these secrets, to walk where Templars walked, and to see what has been hidden for centuries.

Don’t just read about it—visit Lecce and experience the secret Salento for yourself!

Museo Faggiano

Via Ascanio Grandi, 56/58, Lecce

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